Effective change demands engagement. Simulation games help us communicate complex realities and allow the participants to learn from mistakes without costs. Great fun included!

Władcy Doliny

The Lords of the Valley game is a laboratory for
practicing strategy, collaboration and leadership
in a complex environment.


The Green&Great game combines energizing
engagement, effective learning and fascinating

Energy Transition Game

The Energy Transition Game puts players in roles of various actors in the transition process. Each of them have different agenda and possible actions.

Władcy Doliny

The action of the Lords of the Valley: board game takes place in the river valley, which is in danger because of unexpected droughts and floods.

Climate Game

Climate Game is an interactive online game that sets you on a quest to settle on an uninhabited island covered by green trees and thick forests.

About that Forest

About that forest is a web-based role-playing simulation game that takes place in a forest and the community that lives in it.


The Flood Resilience Game is an educational game that allows players to learn about the flood risk and resilience of communities in river valleys.

Budget Game is not only a fascinating simulation with high potential – it’s also full of emotions and human interactions.

Evacuation Challenge Game

The Evacuation Challenge Game presents challenges connected with evacuation during the disaster in diverse culturally environment.

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