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  • We solve complex problems in complex systems
  • We facilitate cooperation across divides
  • We support sustainability
  • We combine science and practice
  • We help change life for the better
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Systems thinking

We use systems thinking as a guiding methodology in our projects and initiatives. We rely on solid scientific evidence, carefully balancing the needs of people and nature.

Projects & Initiatives

We inspire positive changes. We belong to the emerging fourth sector – this means that we operate as a business while aiming to achieve the objectives that benefit society and environment.

Our recent actions:


EDUCEN project is a European expert platform focusing on the role of culture in disaster management and risk. In the project, CRS is responsible for preparing policy exercises that will be used for EDUCEN case studies and for other serious games related activities.

This project has received funding from the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Source of inspiration for academics, trainers, NGOs, teachers, students and other people interested in implementing sustainability games in their activities.

G4S combines the articles on using serious games in sustainability education with the Sustainability Gamepedia – the ultimate database of games that can help you teach about sustainability. Currently, there are 100+ games described in the Gamepedia.

Innovative tools for civic education and activation of citizens


We provided over 150 Polish libraries and non-governmental organizations with sustainability-themed games and trained them how to use serious games in education.

Areas of Excellence

We creatively approach all challenges. We constantly develop our skills and broaden our knowledge.

A Participatory Approach to Solving Complex Problems with the Use of Systems Thinking
Systems thinking provides the members of the workgroups with clear visual language in the form of graphic tools, which enable them to communicate between each other and to create strong systems solutions.
Group Facilitation and Social Participation
Good planning and facilitation of the group process increases its efficiency and helps to find certain solutions which the whole group wishes to implement.
Computer Models of Systems Dynamics
Simulation models makes it possible to consider complex situations from analytical and dynamic perspectives, which makes it possible to analyze alternative scenarios. They intensify the activities which bring desirable effects at low expenses.
Simulation Games and Management Simulators
Simulation games enable the players to experience the most important aspects of a given problem, with its difficulties and obstacles, and to practice cooperation directed at achieving desirable effects.
Supporting Scientific Activities
Systems methods are widely used in scientific research. Simulation models makes it possible to test both dynamic consequences of the premises and the hypotheses. They are used to disseminate research findings.
Knowledge Management
Knowledge management is a key process for the change agents – the innovators. It links together such elements as pieces of information, a human factor and strategic perspectives and needs a strong conceptual framework as well as diverse tools in order to obtain and organize knowledge.
Education in the Field of Systems Thinking
The courses and workshops offered by the Centre for Systems Solutions are based on an over 10 years experience. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the trainings and satisfaction of their participants, an empirical, participant-oriented approach is used.

We Worked With

We work with local communities, industry, academic centers, state organizations and NGOs.

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